Solid Waste Management

Dry Waste Processing

Segregating, categorizing and recovering following material:

  • Fuel Material (Plastic Oil, RDF)
  • Recycling Material (Cotton, Glass, Metal, Plastic, Wood,)
  • Inert (Sand, Soil, Stone)

Wet Waste Processing

Bio Gas Plant

Usually, Bio Gas Plant is the one where Municipal wet Waste, energy crops and farm waste is non-aerobically digested. Bio Gas (a mixture of Methane and Carbon Dioxide) is produced during the process with the help of microorganisms.

Windrow Composting

When garden waste like grass cuttings, pruned leaves and municipal waste is processed in an open air environment or a large covered area such that oxygen can breakdown the material, it is terms as Windrow Composting. It generally produces high quality City Compost out of Municipal waste.

Legacy Waste (Old Dump Yards)

Bio Mining

We have commissioned a 100TPD to 2000 TPD capacity fully functioned Bio Mining Plant.We even developed the necessary machines and methods for this plant. We have successfully completed Bio Mining Projects in Maharashtra at Saswad,Mahad,Talegaon Dabhade, Loanavala,Pen,Pusad,Kamptee,Shirgaon Etc. We have been successfully recovering good products like Bio Soil,RDF, Recyclable Materials.

E- Waste

Recycle- Reuse

Government approvals are pending to start an e-waste management and recycling facility.

Hazardous Waste

Collection, Transportations, processing and disposal of Industrial and residential waste.

Government approvals are pending to start a Hazardous management and recycling facility.

Plastic/Tyre to Fuel Waste

We have successfully designed a machine that converts plastic to fuel. Heating plastic releases gases which are used to run the machine.

C & D Waste

We customise every Excavation, Construction & Demolition waste plant. Depending on the fineness of the content and type of input material, we customise the plant’s design to meet the requirements.

Generally C&D waste plants includes the following processes:

  • Feeding & Screening
  • Aggregate Scrubbing
  • Contaminant removal
  • Metal removal
  • Sand washing
  • Aggregate sizing
  • Primary stage water treatment
  • Sludge management etc.

Collection & Transportation Waste

We are experts in activities like sweeping, door-to-door garbage collection by Ghanta Gadi and transportation to Waste Processing plants. Also, we customise the collection vehicle as per the category and type of waste.

Waste to Energy

When non-recyclable waste is converted into usable forms of energy like heat, fuel or electricity with the help of different technologies, then it is terms as Waste to Energy (WTE). WTE includes various types like incinerators, gasification, pyrolysis, anaerobic digestion, landfill gas recovery etc.

Scientific Land Filling

This is amongst the most widely used waste disposal methods. Residential and commercial non-toxic waste and garbage is collected and their compressed with a compactor.

This is then taken to a landfill site for dumping. A scientifically designed structure is built over ground to segregate municipal waste from the surrounding atmospheric elements like groundwater, air, rain etc. To create the segregation, a layer of bottom liner or soil is used as covering. Sanitary Landfills use clay liners to achieve the segregation.